Navigating Regulatory Complexity

How professional secretarial and administration services can help navigate property management complexities. TVDM Consultants – Razeen Khan (Community Schemes Consultant) Professional secretarial and administration services offer invaluable support. By leveraging these specialised services, property managers can effectively mitigate legal risks and maintain compliance, ultimately safeguarding the interests of all stakeholders involved. TVDM Consultants highlights the […]

Budgeting for success in community schemes

Best practices for annual budget preparation TVDM Consultants – Zerlinda van der Merwe (Co-Founder | Director) In our consulting practice, and during my time as a managing agent, I saw that although many members of community schemes do not understand much more than the basics of financial accounting and budgeting, they do their best to […]

Who should be chairing your meeting?

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FMS Property Managers and TVDM Consultants TVDM Consultants – Zerlinda van der Merwe (Co-Founder | Director) The chairperson of the trustees, being a member of the body corporate, or not, is the person automatically responsible for chairing trustee meeting, annual general meetings and special general meetings. However, it is possible for any and all of […]

Exclusively mine, exclusively yours – what is an exclusive use area?

exclusive use area

TVDM Consultants – Zerlinda van der Merwe (Co-Founder & Director) In our consulting department, we are often assisting clients with issues and queries that they have in regard to THEIR garden, balcony, parking etc. But, the question we always ask, is “is it yours?” This may sound strange to an owner of an apartment or […]

What makes a good managing agent?

TVDM Consultants are Specialist Community Schemes Legal Consultants, advising property portfolio managers, developers, managing agencies and scheme executives in all legal aspects of community scheme property management. As trusted legal consultants, we’ve asked them to deep dive into the question,  ‘What makes a good property manager?’ As a trustee or director in a Homeowners Association […]