How professional secretarial and administration services can help navigate property management complexities.

TVDM Consultants – Razeen Khan (Community Schemes Consultant)

Professional secretarial and administration services offer invaluable support. By leveraging these specialised services, property managers can effectively mitigate legal risks and maintain compliance, ultimately safeguarding the interests of all stakeholders involved. TVDM Consultants highlights the key reasons for having exceptional support services when navigating regulatory complexity.

Running a sectional title scheme seems relatively simple, especially when one considers a scheme that is smaller in size. Many Body Corporates and Homeowner’s Associations generally function without incident. However, issues can occur when the Trustees and/or Directors lack the knowledge and support necessary to fully manage the scheme properly. A bleak result of such ‘mismanagement’ is often financial strain being placed on the scheme for years to come.

Enlisting professional secretarial and administration services assists trustees in tackling the often complex financial and legal issues that may befall a scheme i.e., proper registration of exclusive use areas, record keeping, and keeping in line with the Sectional Title Schemes Management Act no. 8 of 2011 (“STSMA”), amongst many other benefits. 

Professional services, as abovementioned, may often find their form through managing agents and/or portfolio managers, whose role is underpinned by navigating the often changing and ever-developing terrain of sectional schemes and sectional title law. Management companies provide trustees with information but also the tools that they need, including support staff who assist with enquiries, property management, as well as the necessary policies and paperwork and governance documents. 

Due to the role of a managing agent, they are mostly effective in ensuring that the scheme runs efficiently, remains legally compliant and remains solvent. This is because such roles include maintaining required records and documents, drafting resolutions and ensuring that both themselves and the scheme remain up to date with the latest legislation and legal developments within the arena of sectional title. 

Therefore, sectional scheme regulation can often be a daunting task even for a team of intelligent and well-meaning trustees, insofar as sectional titles by their very nature find themselves at the intersection of many professional disciplines and required a multitude of skills and an often enormous amount of time, to maintain and manage.

Considering this, it is best to enlist administrative and secretarial services, often through the appointment of a managing agent and a management company as they bring a nuanced perspective with everyday experience and know-how that can help a scheme not only survive, but thrive. 

By ensuring compliance and minimising risks, professional secretarial and administration services, such as those provided by FMS Property Managers, property managers are better able to focus on what they do best—delivering exceptional service and fostering strong relationships with clients.

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