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Portfolio managers are encouraged to schedule regular trustees meetings with a minimum of one meeting every quarter. This ensures that the trustees meet regularly to interact and build a relationship with their portfolio manager. Regular communication with trustees and homeowners ensures good governance and hands on approach to management of the building. This approach compliments a well-managed succession process for future trustees with historical information.

Our portfolio managers also attend Annual general meetings or Special General Meetings within the stipulated timeframe in terms of the Sectional Title Act or respective Constitution. In collaboration with the trustees, the portfolio manager will prepare the relevant documentation required in terms of the notice of meetings. Following the consent of the chairperson, the meetings correspondence (i.e. agenda, minutes, chairman's report) will be distributed to owners.

The portfolio manager will prepare all minutes of meetings for the trustees.

Your dedicated portfolio manager will attend meetings as well as take minutes of such meetings on behalf of the board of trustees. All meetings are recorded using a Dictaphone for future reference.

Faircape Management Services Superior Property Management


We ensure that the scheme rules are registered at the Deeds Office and assist trustees when the need arises to amend these rules by drafting amendments, calling for a special general meeting to approve such amendments and ensuring that the correct procedure is followed in terms of Sectional Title Act notice period. Furthermore the portfolio manager assists the trustees with the enforcing of the rules to ensure good governance and a well managed Body Corporate / Home Owners Association.

Faircape Management Services Superior Property Management


A statutory record of Minute books, registered sectional title plans, registered rules, contracts and all other documentation and files pertaining to the Body Corporate/ Home Owners Association will be kept by Faircape Management Services.


We assist with the drafting and dispatch of notices and letters as required by the trustees who approve all correspondence sent out by Faircape Management Services. We make use of a group mail sending program called Mailchimp which ensures secure sending of important emails.

We will make use of alternative forms of communication as well where necessary i.e. bulk SMSes, group mails and newsletters. These communication methods are used to send notice to the Body Corporate and owners with regards to Annual General, Special Project or trustee meetings and changes in the industry.

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