Meet our Team of Body Corporate
Management Specialists

Our team of knowledgeable and experienced portfolio managers are always committed to excellence. They have a passion for sectional title and body corporate management; including compliance, asset development, and the financial well-being of a scheme.

Owners and Trustees can rest assured knowing that exceptional body corporate management service is provided to all of our clients.

Cheyze providing body corporate management services

Cheyze Mannie

Managing Member

Cheyze’s commitment to her clients is driven by her passion for transparency, communication, community, and transformation.

In her free time she enjoys hiking, running, swimming – and spending time with her family.

Cheyze can be contacted at [email protected]

Eric Schnehage

Eric Schnehage

Financial Manager

Eric brings a wealth of financial expertise and a passion for Integrated Financial Accounting and Management. He enjoys embracing new challenges and fostering meaningful relationships in the property management industry.

In his free time he likes to explore various wine farms, explore the city for new restaurants and shops, as well as venture into indoor plant propagation using hydroponics.

Darryll providing body corporate management services

Darryll Klink

Assistant Financial Manager

Transitioning to the property sector from an auditing firm, Darryll relishes being at the forefront of property development in South Africa and experiencing the passion of developers and investors firsthand.

In his free time he enjoys fishing, taking a ride on his bicycle, and enjoying the Cape Town outdoors.

Samantha providing body corporate management services

Samantha Thwaites

Assistant Operations Manager

Sam enjoys the fast-paced environment of the property and body corporate management industry, that allows her to keep learning.

In her free time “I am a mom to two boys and also a plant mom. I struggle going into a store and leaving without adding to my plant family!”


Stacey Middleton

Portfolio Manager

Stacey takes pride in leveraging an in-depth understanding of the property management sector and is committed to consistently delivering excellent service.

In her free time “Any gathering involving great fellowship and great tasting food is right up my alley. I enjoy watching sports and taking part in activities that require endurance.”


Nazmeera Yunis

Portfolio Manager

Nasmeera’s enjoyment of a good challenge is what sparked her passion for the property and body corporate management industry.

In her free time “I enjoy traveling; experiencing different places and learning about different cultures and food – I’m a big foodie!”


Trischa Jacobs

Portfolio Manager

Trishca is an experienced Portfolio Manager based in Cape Town. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in overseeing Sectional Title Scheme properties and managing Home Owners Associations.

In her free time “I enjoy weekends away; beach walks with my fur baby, Izzy; and bingeing on the latest series.”


Megan Overmeyer

Portfolio Manager

Megan has been in the property industry for more than 10 years. She has successfully built relationships that have helped her understand and efficiently manage multiple properties.

In her free time “I am a huge animal lover, I volunteer and assist at animal shelters and I enjoys exploring new off-the-beaten-track restaurants and thrift stores.” She is also currently completing a degree in the field of psychology.”

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